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 Role-Play Rules.

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Role-Play Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Role-Play Rules.   Role-Play Rules. I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 8:28 pm

Here are some rules.
1. Don't godmod. It'll be frustating, and annoying to others.
2. Certain content is prohibited so be careful what you type.
3. Swearing is aloud but limit the amount (I'd prefer it if people avoided the F-bomb).
4. Read through the posts carefully, and try to stick with the story.
5. If I say you can't post something then you need to follow along with that.
6. I'll give you 10 warnings if you break any major rule.
7. You can create a max of 6 characters but only RP 4. Choose carefully. If your character is dead, then you can create another to RP.
8. Don't kill another person's character without their permission.
9. Your character can carry 5 weapons only (dual wield, and things like throwing knives count as one). They are allowed to receive any later on, but can only carry 5
10. The bio comes first then you can RP.
11. Connections with other people's characters must be checked by both you, and that character's creator. You cannot call a characters name out if you haven't met that character yet.
12. Certain powers are allowed but double check with me or another admin please.
13. You can make your character(s) good, or bad just make sure they have limits.
14. Make sure the grammar matches the character's accent the best you can (if they have one).
15. You can have enhanced weapons but you must describe it to me (or another Admin) first to make sure they aren't over powered.
16. You can't be in 2 places at once without a timelapse, and mentioning how you got there.
17. Your character should have LIMITS after all most of them are human, they can't fight for 10 hours straight, or cast 10 incredibly challenging spells in a row.

Role-Play Rules. S12tkw10
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Role-Play Rules.
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