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 Within the Forests

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Arkzruby, The Fox King
Arkzruby, The Fox King

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PostSubject: Within the Forests   Within the Forests I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 31, 2013 5:32 pm

Slumped against a tree, looking to the canopy above him, Karu forest, a strange place, "you know we could start hunting again, our food storage is getting low, and we'll need to travel to Qilla with the furs to trade for other supplies." A voice echoed from the blade at his side, He had been in Erinn for almost a year now, it felt strange, time seem to pass so quickly here, but he seemed ageless to it. "It's rather odd how this place works Sai, perhapes we should just hunt some and than head to our camp sight again, after all, we shouldn't worry to much about the wilderness around us." The man said, his white hair at his waist. "Alright Alex, lets do that" Sai replied.

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Within the Forests
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