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 Generation 1

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PostSubject: Generation 1   Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:47 pm

The Lost Earing: The lost earing is the first quest you'll recieve in g1. To complete the quest you must first find the lost earing. The earing will drop from the Snowman in Sidhe Sneachta that has a glow on it. You might have to hit it multipal times.

Picture of the Snowman

After you recieve the Earing Talk to Duncan and wait for the next quest.
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PostSubject: Quest 2 G1   Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:00 am

The Three Missing Warriors: The second quest in the g1 mainstream.

First Talk with Tarlach while he is in his bear form, you will have to gift him a 1-5 mana herbs usually, talk to him after you gift him each one and eventually he'll give you the keyword "Tarlach".

After you recieve the keyword go back and Ducan useing the keyword and he will give you the keyword "The Three Missing Warriors".

When you recieve the keyword "The Three Missing Warriors" talk to Stewart useing that keyword, he will then give you Tarlach's Locket (2x1 space item) and a Red Goddess Wing to Alby dungeon.

RP Quest - The Third Warrior:
While in a 3-person party (you must be the leader) drop Tarlach's Locket on the Alby Altar. (if a player disconnects during the dungeon you will have to restart the whole dungeon over again for after defeating the boss you will recieve a "failure" for the quest dungeon) In order to re-obtain the pass you will have to go back to Tarlach and use the keyword again.

The dungeon itself should only contain Alby Normal monsters.

Upon clearing the dungeon you will Recieve the keyword "Goddess Morrighan"

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PostSubject: Quest 3 G1   Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:13 am

The Story of a Goddess turned into Stone:

Talk to Duncan useing the keyword "Goddess Morrighan" he will then direct you to Meven Tir Chonaill's Preist.

Talk to Meven with the same keyword "Goddess Morrighan" and he will give you the keyword "Night of Sidhe Sneachta" and the book The Goddess Who Turned into Stone.

After you recieve the new keyword go talk to Tarlach during night hours when he's in human form and use the new keyword "Night of Sidhe Sneachta" he will then give you another keyword "The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog"

The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog:
Talk to Aeira useing the new keyword "The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog" first she will tell you that the book is no longer in stock, then talk to her useing the keyword again and she will tell you the publiser has decided to print another volume of the book.

after this you will have to wait for an owl to come give you the new quest. Once you recieve the quest from the owl go back to Aeira and recieve the book from her.

Read the book to Obtain the new keyword "Paradise" After you obtain the new keyword go back to Tarlach and talk to him useing the keyword while he's in human form and he will give you a Brown Fomor Pass and a Red Wings of the Goddess to Barri Dungeon.

Brown Fomor Pass: You make take up to 1-3 party Members. (people only NOT pets)

Drop the Brown Fomor Pass on the Barri Dungeon Altar and Complete the dungeon. Upon entering the Boss Room you will recieve the new keyword "Fomor Medal" Defeat the Boss and recieve the Fomor Medal from the reward chest (The Fomor Medal me come from any chest if you brought party members)
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PostSubject: Quest 4 G1   Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:34 am

Medal of Preists:
Talk to Comgan Preist in Bangor, Kristell Preist in Dunbarton, and Endelyon Priest in Tir Chonaill useing the keyword "Fomor Medal" After Talk to these three talk to Meven useing the same keyword and he give you a new keyword "Priest's Token"

Goro's Ring:
Talk to Goro Useing the keyword "Preist's Token" (he's in Alby Battle Arena, will need to use a Alby Battle Arena coin to get in. Can buy them at Ranald)

He will then proceed to tell you to go to Ciar Dungeon to Recieve his Ring before he will do anything to help you. you will recieve the quest and Dungeon pass from an owl once you leave the Alby Battle Arena and exit Alby. (if you lose the pass, simply talk to Goro again and he will provide you with another one)

Enter the dungeon useing the Pass on the Ciar Dungeon Altar. The dungeon must be done alone.

The ring will be recieved from the end dungeon reward chest (the ring is 2x2 so make sure you have enough room) Once you have the ring go back to Goro and talk to him again Complete the quest to recieve the new keyword "Dul Brau Dairam Shanon"

Talk to Tarlach while he is in human form useing the new keyword and he will tell you that Goro translated it wrong.
Go back to Goro after you talked to Tarlach and talk to him useing the new fixed keyword, he will then apologize and tell you about the Succubus living in Dunbarton.

RP Quest - Succubus:
Talk to Kristell useing the keyword "Dul Brau Dairam Shanon" and she will give you Tarlach's Glasses Pouch and a Red Wing of the Goddess to Rabbie Dungeon.

Drop Tarlach's Glasses Pouch on the Rabbie Dungeon Altar (Dungeon must be done alone) Go through the dungeon until the you reach the Boss room (You may recieve the counter attack skill by attacking a Monster while they are useing Counter Attack)

The Boss is a Succubus form of Kristell and is basicly the same as the Normal Succubus. Upon defeating the boss you will recieve a new keyword "Kristell's Past" Talk to Kristell useing this keyword and she will give you a new keyword "Kristell's Message" and will tell you to go to Tarlach.

Talk to Tarlach while he is in human form useing the new keyword "Kristell's Message" he will then ask you to have Kristell translate the book of evil for him.
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PostSubject: Re: Generation 1   

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Generation 1
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