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 Ryssa Oharu's Background

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PostSubject: Ryssa Oharu's Background   Ryssa Oharu's Background I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 2:10 am

Ryssa Oharu

Actual age: 298 years
Ryssa looks around 19 years of age, though.

Mage and Alchemist combined.

Female; Human; Milletian.

Loner; Fire Alchemist; Fire Mage

Ryssa's original family had long passed away since she had came to Erinn many years ago. Since she has the ability to rebirth (reborn), all the families she's been with have been long gone. For now, she just stays in Taillteann to help families and others in need.

Associates Or Friends?:
All the people Ryssa knew are long dead by now. Most people she has met were Erinn-born, and didn't have the ability to rebirth like she does. But..there are times when she runs into other Milletians like her. She doesn't have many friends, but she does help whenever someone's in a tight spot. She only wants to be respected in return for her assistance.

Where It All Began:
Before Ryssa came to Erinn, she lived on Earth in the country of China. She was born in a small fishing village near the ocean in the late 1920's. Once World War II broke out, the country of Japan invaded China to capture the country for resources they needed for the war. To do so, they needed to make people know what they were in for, which meant brutal force of the Chinese population. Once the news of the Japanese invading China had reached Ryssa's small village, people were trying to escape their invaders. It was already too late to escape. Some of the Japanese military reached the village and opened fire on the villagers. Ryssa, only age 17, died in the crossfire trying to run for her life from the gunshots.

That's when her soul floated off to the Soul Stream. She appeared at the age of 5 in the Soul Stream of Erinn, only to be greeted by Nao once there. Ryssa had lost all her memories of her past life on Earth in China. She couldn't remember who she truly was, where she came from, and what she was doing here in the Soul Stream. Nao explained the best she could to a 5-year old girl. Nao told her it was like a restart on life for her. A brand new life to start anew in a strange new world she had never been to. Once everything was explained, Nao found a family Ryssa could stay and grow up with in Emain Macha. Growing up as an only child to a middle-aged couple, they eventually enrolled her into the school of Magics. While there, Ryssa learned the true meaning of being a Milletian and how they could 'never die, just get knocked unconscious". She never understood the concept of it, but the girl went along with it.

Many years passed as the couple she stayed with had passed on. Ryssa had rebirthed a couple times already, due to her trying to keep her young figure. She realized if she got too old or if she got heavily wounded, she would have to rebirth to keep herself going in Erinn. She always liked to stay around the age of 19, since she felt comfort with that age. Ryssa was usually a loner when it came to trying to keep up with the massive battles between all the races of Erinn. She had been attacked a couple times, but due to her mage skills of the element of Fire, she usually always won anyway. Ryssa still tried to stay out of the way of the other races, because she didn't want to have any trouble with them.

More years passed and Ryssa had just mastered Fire Alchemy. She was now a Fire Alchemist and Mage combined. She thought if she knew two different abilities, that she could have one back up the other if something went wrong. Hence why she went to Taillteann to get trained to master Fire Alchemy. Ever since then, Ryssa didn't have many adventures. She stayed in one spot; it being Taillteann now. She had the job of helping others around town if they needed it. Well, that's what Ryssa hoped for anyway! She didn't even bother to celebrate her birthday anymore, because it's already been about 200 years since she arrived in Erinn. So why even bother to celebrate anymore? Over the years, Ryssa didn't bother to try and find someone to fall for. They would always end up dying, while she still lived on in Erinn. So...why bother if they died, you still live, and cry all the time of your lost love? No, Ryssa didn't want that, so she always tried to not have feelings to anyone she talked to.

What Does It Look Like In The Future?:
Ryssa has plans to learn the rest of the alchemy skills she needs to do. She also is thinking about learning the last two elements of Ice and Lightning to add to her mage skills. She still feels the element of Fire still suits her personality, but she has learned in the past that other attributes are necessary to survive in this world. Ryssa is so sure of herself that she will learn these skills and put them to good use on when she needs them the most. She hasn't had any plans on trying to find someone to settle down with. She's just afraid she'll outlive them and be heartbroken for many years to come. But as they say, you never know until you try, right?

Ways To Kill:
The only real way to kill Ryssa is to inflict her with a damaging illness or wound(s) that can't be cured whatsoever by any means by any healer of Erinn.

Anything Else You Wanna Know?:
Due to Ryssa being alone 24/7, she has problems trusting complete strangers she has never met before. After someone gets to know her, she will start to slowly open herself up to that person. They would come to know her fears, deepest secrets, desires, dreams, and anything else she would feel like talking about. Once she opens up to that person, they'd see how kind and helpful she is to people. Ryssa is also easily annoyed if someone keeps bugging on a something she doesn't understand or is uncomfortable talking about. When that happens, she will get in that person's face pretty badly.
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Ryssa Oharu's Background
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