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 Arrow Revolver Page Locations

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PostSubject: Arrow Revolver Page Locations   Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:42 am

Arrow Revolver is a Human-only skill that you can shoot 5 arrows at once. By Rank 5, the skill gets an aiming bonus that greatly improves aiming speed. This skill is a must have for humans that are going into archery. There are 10 pages in total to find in order to obtain the skill. I will list below what monster(s) drops them and where they can be found. Also, make sure you aren't doing any other quests to obtain a skill (Fireball, Thunder, Ice Spear, Final Hit, Final Shot, Hailstorm, or Shock) or you cannot start this quest.

How to obtain the gathering quest:
- Equip the Fire Arrow title*
- Talk to Aranwen at Dunbarton's School with the keyword Skills.

Page List
Page 1
Rat Man:
- Ciar Basic/Intermediate
- Albey Normal/Green/Blue/Silver/Black Orb

Page 2
Wood Jackal
- Fiodh Intermediate

Page 3
Flying Sword
- Fiodh Normal
- Barri Basic/Barri Brown Fomor Pass (G1)
- Albey Normal/Green/Blue/Silver/Black Orb

Page 4
Flying Sword
- Fiodh Normal
- Barri Basic/Barri Brown Fomor Pass (G1)
- Albey Normal/Green/Blue/Silver/Black Orb

Page 5
Burgundy Grizzly Bear
- Fiodh Intermediate

Page 6
Burgundy Dire Wolf
- Alby Intermediate

Page 7
Giant White Spider
- Alby Intermediate 2 + 4/Basic Hardmode
- Solea Underground

Page 8*
Giant Red Spider
- Alby Intermediate 4 Boss
- Auctions

Page 9*
Small Moss Golem
- Fiodh Intermediate 1

Page 10*
- Baol Final
- Fiodh Intermediate 4/Advanced

*Fire Arrow Title: Perform a critical finish on an enemy with an arrow while nearby a Campfire to get the title
*Pages 8~10 are the hardest to get, as claimed by most people. The drop rate is low and may require you to buy these from other players.

Any questions? Post here and I can try and answer to the best of my ability.
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Arrow Revolver Page Locations
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