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 Exploration/Ice Spear Page Locations

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PostSubject: Exploration/Ice Spear Page Locations   Exploration/Ice Spear Page Locations I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 9:15 am

Ice Spear is a skill that casts compressed Ice within a Wand to be thrown like a spear, thus creating a freezing effect upon opponents. Ice Spear can be stacked up to 5 times, each stack increasing damage and splash up to a maximum of 6.5 charges worth of damage at 5 charges. When Ice Spear is cast on a target, all enemies in the path to the intended target will be frozen, which prevents them from moving, attacking, or from being attacked. After a certain time, Ice Spear will explode, dealing heavy damage and knocking the target and all other affected enemies back. The width of the path and the radius increase with rank. You need to gather Exploration pages as well as the Ice Spear pages in order to get this skill. Make sure no other skill quest is in progress (Fireball, Thunder, Arrow Revolver, Hailstorm, Final Hit, Final Shot, or Shock) or you cannot start the quest.

Obtaining The Quest:
- Equip the Elemental Apprentice title*
- Equip an Ice Wand or Crown Ice Wand.
- Talk to Stewart with the keyword, Skills.

Since there are two books to complete to get this skill, you will get the Exploration Journal to get the Exploration pages first. Once that is over, talk to Stewart once more to get the 2nd book for the Ice Spear pages. Lastly, once that book is finished, hit Complete on the quest to get Ice Spear, 3 MP 30 Potions, and 1 Ice Wand.

Page Locations

Exploration Pages

Page 1
Stone Mimic
- Maiz Prairie Dungeon
- Karu Forest Dungeon

Page 2
Exploration Treasures*
- In the area of Rano

Page 3*
Glowing Statue Bosses*
- Karu Forest Dungeon
- Starting bid is 200,000g

Page 4
Exploration Treasures*
- In the area of Rano

Page 5
Masked Goblin
- Karu Forest Dungeon
- Long Desrt Ruins (Enchanted Arrow)
Masked Goblin Archer
- Karu Forest Dungeon
- Longa Desert Ruins (Enchanted Arrow)
Exploration Treasures*
- In the area of Rano

Ice Spear Pages

Page 1
Giant Ice Sprite
- Coill Elemental (pass given by Nele)*
Strange Book
- Ghost of Partholon

Page 2*
Yellow Succubus
- Rabbie Advanced
Grumbill (Pink) (Basic)
- Defeat Fomor Commander I
-Starting Bid 300,000g

Page 3
- Any type from any Uladh/Iria Dungeon

Page 4
Kitty Wizard
- Rundal Siren

Page 5
Ice Sprite
- Coill Normal
- Ceo Island
- Math Advanced

* Elemental Apprentice Title: Learn Icebolt, Firebolt, and Lightning Bolt (At least Rank F)
* Exploration Treasures refers to looking for chests in Iria with L-Rods.
* Exploration Page 3 is the hardest to get out of all the pages in the Exploration Journal. You might end up having to buy the page from other players. This page can go for a lot as well, so be prepared to offer at least 1 million or so for it if you do decide to buy it.
* When referring to the Glowing Boss Monster for Page 3 of Exploration, it refers to any Glowing Boss Monsters whose artifacts has been fully collected. Meaning that once a player has reached a certain Exploration Level, they can receive a quest (book) to collect the glowing body parts of one particular monster to get the Glowing Version of that particular Mob, who drops Page 3 of Exploration. The earliest known quest is the Glowing Pot-Belly Spider which is unlocked at Exploration Level 11 and the book for it must be acquired from the Exploration-Quest Board at Qilla Base Camp. To get the pieces for the Shining Statue, you have to kill monsters with the Dubious title in Karu Normal.
* Coill Elemental Dungeon only is available after you have completed the Exploration Journal and only available during page hunting for the Ice Spear pages. Once you have completed both books, you cannot ask Nele for another pass to get back into this dungeon.
* Ice Spear Page 2 is the hardest to get out of all the Ice Spear pages. You might have to buy it from other players. Starting price can be at least 1 million at the very least.

Any questions? Post here.~
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Exploration/Ice Spear Page Locations
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