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 A Fall From Innocence

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A Fall From Innocence Empty
PostSubject: A Fall From Innocence   A Fall From Innocence I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2012 12:57 am

Charactor: Krelldin

Age: 22

Family: Miyaeka, mother; Xhinzo, father; Kloee, sister; a dead birth family he never speaks of.

Friends: Arkz, and others who have died

Occupation: Blacksmith and warrior

Past: Born in a far West area of Uladh that few venture to. He was, from age six, taught to be a blacksmith by his father, a man who surpassed even Edern's fabled skills, though was too humble to demonstrate it on the Eastern side of the mountains seperating them from the majority of Uladh.

When he was ten, a group of bandits wiped out the village he called home, reducing it to ashes. He survived by his parents hiding his unconcios self with their dieing bodies. Upon awakening, great fear began in him, and grew more and more as he went over to the dead bodies of the villagefolk in hopes of finding someone, anyone, to be alive. With his hopes crused, his fear gave way to numbness. He wandered the village for days, living out memories. Eventualy, he came out of his reverie, an the numbness turned into rage. He wandered over to the remains of his father's shop. He picked up the only intact weapon, a shortsword that, with his size, was the equvilent to a normal sword to a full grown person. He vowed to end all evils.

He wandered East, hoping to find the men that sacked his village. He never found them, but he found his way over the mountains to Dunbarton, where he found people that would be his serrogate family, and decided to start a new life, untill the time came when he could fullfill his vow.

Present: He wanders all of Erinn, finding new ways to kill so he can fullfill his vow when the time comes. Most of his time, however, is spent in Bangor, where he apprentices under Edern so as to finnish the teachings his birth father began.

Apearent future: Clouded and unforseeable.

Love life: None so far.
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A Fall From Innocence
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