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 Great Expectations

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PostSubject: Great Expectations   Great Expectations I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2012 3:39 am

Name of character: Amenosora

Age: The equivelent of 19 human years

Occupation: Freelance gaurd

Specialties: Magic

Family: None, raised by Connous nomads

Friends: Otonokasen

Childhood: Born to a nomadic family that, for reasons unknown, left him at an oasis shortly after birth. He was there for a full two days, as the nomatic tribe that found him estimated. They gave him the name Amenosora, after the elvin lord that took their ancestors from the city Kasmenai, now in ruins and burried beneath miles of sand. Being raised with this name, they payed especial attention to his tallents and pushed him to refine them. At many points, he felt he was pushed too hard, but they always relaxed on him once he voiced his feelings.

The only other child near his age was Otonokasen, who had recieved the name because he had been born with a mark on his face that resembled two rivers joining together and could mimic the call of near any beast. They would hunt and gather together, and always brought in more than any other party. In this, Amenosora had met the tribe's expectations, and wasn't bothered about improving himself in.

At the age of fifteen, he found himself faced with a decission: stay with the tribe and continue a simple life, or follow the path of his namesake and find his own, likely to never find the tribe again. He diliberated on the choices for many days, untill he had come to a decision. He went to the leader of the tribe and requested the direction of the nearest city. He was told to go North, where he would find the city of Filia, but only after a celebration had been held to mark his departure. The tribe held a ritual of protection for him and his journey. On the morning after, before more than a sliver of the sun had risen, he took down his tent and starting heading North.

He traveled for a week, surviving as he had all his life, off of what was around him. The journey was uneventfull, and he arrived at Filia without wound, thirst, or hunger. Upon ariving their, he went to the nearest merchent, and asked to see the city's leader. While use to nomadic life, he was no fool as to the money system used in the "civilized" areas. He conferred with her about what he could do for a job. She gave him a possition as a city gaurd, wich he excelled at and stayed with for two years. However, his life as a nomad had left him with a restlessness, and he left that job to hire himself out as a freelance gaurd and protected traders for the most part.

Present: He continues to work as a freelance gaurd, and does his best to bring light and hope to people's eyes. He is considering picking up a trade, and is experementing with music.

Apearent Future: It seems possible that we will take up the life of a bard.
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Great Expectations
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