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 Alexander Demonchaser

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PostSubject: Alexander Demonchaser   Alexander Demonchaser I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 10:11 pm

Name: Alexander Demonchaser
Age: 19
Class/occupation: A Traveling Swordsmen
Specialties: Close combat
Family: A old man named Yin
Associates, or friends: None
What seems to be like his/her future: He seem's to consistantly looking for someone or something, his heart tells him to find as does his visions.
Ways to kill: He is mortal, but his sword would cover the wounds and prevent it from bleeding
Love life: He was once engaged but his love was killed before his eyes
Anything else you want to add for your Character: He's a caucasian man with an above average muscular build, natural white hair that goes down to the middle of his back, and blue eyes that change along with his mood. He's an odd but unique person who likes to fight, and act like a smart ass when it would be better not to. He's practically a ghost to many, and although his name is rather unique, there are few that actually know it. He has visions of the future that don't always come true. He can also communicate with spirits that haven't passed on to the next world so he attempts to help them. He can even picture a name, and place, or face that he would eventually see. This leads him to search around the world to find a person mentioned to him by his adoptive father, carrying his satchel of shurikens, and a sword by the name of Saimax that can speak only to him, remains indestructable, and changes form depending on the fighting style. He wears a half button grey-long-sleeved shirt with a black vest over it, a pair of black slacks that fit tightly around his legs for movement purposes, a pair of leather moccasins, as well as a pair of black gloves.

Story time:
"Awwwooooooooo~" A howl is heard throughout the full mooned night of a small village, a man wearing blood red samurai garments with a katana at his side, he quietly walked down the street. A woman was running down holding a small child in her arms as a wolf man like creature was chasing her, as he continued to run as fast as she could child in arms, the world jumped at her barley missing but clawing through her clothes leaving 4 long claw marks across her back, as the man stood at the end of the ally seeing the girl and the wolf-man, he drew his sword and held it firmly above him. The girl feeling the blood from the wound sliding down her back, as the wolf-man continued pursuit, The samurai brought the sword down to the ground fast, a strange shock-wave was approaching both the women and the wolf, the ground flying to the sides as it went though, as it reached the women she quickly stepped to the right as the strange shock-wave went though her left arm and left foot, it went directly down the middle of the wolf-man.
"AHHH!" The women screamed as her arm and foot seem to fly off as blood spewed from the now decapitated body parts as she fell to the ground safely holding the child out in front of her, trying to crawl to the end of the alley. The wolf-man still somewhat standing seemed to fall in half, nearly perfectly, as both sides fall, the ground seemed to be soaked with its blood. The Samurai then quietly sheathed his sword and began walking to the women, who was half-way down the alley. As the man reached her she looked up, blood had already started to come out of her mouth, she was starting to look pale and her eyes seemed to have a dead look in them as well as tears from the pain, as she held up the child to the man, she could only say 2 words, "Alexander... Demon...chaser..." as she spoke them with the last remaining life she had, her hand and face fell, dead. The man quietly looked over the women then at the child, as he picked it up he moved a blanket from it's face showing a sleeping child, with white hair.
As the man examined the sleeping child he spoke quietly, "Alexander Demonchaser.... that is your name, and what you shall be known hence forth." in a very deep accent. He slowly picked the child up and sends a strange fire bolt onto the girls body, then does the same for the Wolf-man's body. as he slowly walks away from the rising flames, he looks at the child who had began opening his eyes. the child's cool and calm blue eyes seemed to stare into the mans shadowed face. As the child smiled at the man, he continued walking, the child looking at the flames reaching his hands out to it. As they turned the corner the man sighed and looked into the stars as if searching for someone. He then walked off, his features hidden in the shadows. After a couple hours they arrived in front of a temple looking home in the middle of a mountain area, as the man holding the child walked into it he silently opened the door and laid the child on a pillow, the man then began to remove his clothing revealing his face, it was rather rough edged, his eyes emotionless, balding, or fully bald, a incredible tattoo that wraps around his entire back, the tattoo of a Dragon, Multiple scars ran across his face and body, he seemed incredibly fit. The man looked at the child "I am Yin Ryuki-Hei, I shall train you, I shall protect, Nothing more, Nothing less." Yin said with a cold stare.
Multiple years pass, the boy grows, at the age of 4 he begins his training under Yin, when he reaches 11 Yin begins teaching him his sacred techniques, Techniques only they would know. when Alexander finally hit the age of 13, Alex began to explore. He found a cave behind the Yin's home, and decided to explore.
-The Cave-
As Alex began to walk into the cave he created a ball of fire to be able to see. He started to step very carefully around the blood colored stones which he found odd, as he continued down the cave, he felt it harder to breathe, he also felt light headed, he came to a edge no way down. Alex quickly looked for a way to continue, losing consciousness from the lack of Oxygen. Then he heard a voice "It's ok... Come Down.... I've been waiting for you..." he quickly panicked reaching at his waist for his sword, which he couldn't find, 'Damn it! I must have forgotten it in my room.. Yin will scold me for that...' He thought, as he felt himself lose conscious and fall off the edge, as his unconscious body began to fall, memories began to flash though his mind, Stormy weather, a man with white spiked hair, wielding a sword in one hand and what seemed to be black fire in the other, his eyes, a deep blood red, with a unique smoke coming off of them, small black horns were coming out his forehead, the man was wearing a grey shirt, with torn up sleeves blood stained, black pants that were also bloodied and torn, The sword seemed to radiate its own energy, a dark presence, a beat red that seemed to scream in hate. what looked like hundreds dead were around the man.
Alex opened his eyes quickly sitting up, breathing heavy, but easier, he looked around, he had somehow lived from the fall, as he looked up he could see where he fell, an impossible height to live from, two voices rang out-loud this time "Quickly, You have no time to waste, come to me, I can help you escape from this place." The other then rang out "No, Don't listen to him, he is trying to confuse you, Trying to trick you, help me and I will tell you how to get out." as Alex gripped his head, a ringing sensation though it he thought 'I need to get out of here... But what was that dream... What could it symbolize... damn it..' Alex then began to rise he saw 3 paths, the one on the furthest right seemed to illuminate a great white light, the farthest left a pitch black dark feeling. he slowly began to walk down the middle path, which had strange looking crystals coming out of the stone walls. Alex slowly placed his hand against the stone wall beginning to walk faster, as he came to what seemed to be a large room. a skeleton laid next to a red sword. While Alex began to look around the room amazed on how it looked, a large crystal above it all that seemed to make the room bright.
Alex slowly examined the room backing up towards the skeleton and sword. "Wow... this place is just... wow..." he said slowly backing up. The red sword beginning to glow, as Alex turns around he sees it glowing "What a weird looking sword" he says picking it up, slowly looking it over, the light grows brighter and seems to blind him. "Gah!" he yells dropping onto the floor when he hears a loud yelling voice from within the blade.
"OW!, WHAT THE HELL! I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO BREAK! DAMN IT! IF I HAD AN ARM OR TWO I'D BEAT YOU!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN DONE HERE! GOD! IT'S BEEN ALMOST 4000 YEARS!!!" The sword yelled as Alex looked it over, a shocked expression on his face. "Hey... What are you standing around for!? Pick me up goddamn-it! Hello!?! Earth to Alex!!!" The sword exclaimed, once again Alex was taken back, Somehow this sword knew his name, it knew who he was. The sword sighed lightly from what Alex could hear "Okay, okay, I get it your freaked out, A talking sword, never seen before, Right? well Listen, The Name's Saimax, I know your name due to you grabbing me, we Connected in a way, I know everything about you that I need to know" Saimax said proudly.
Alex still shocked from this discovery silently and cautiously picked the sword up "How can you speak? are you magic? are you cursed? were you once a person? can you do anything special? are you able to fly? If i use you will I gain red wings? How did you end up down here? Can anyone else hear you?" Arkz asked questioningly as if he had just gone to a toy store for the first time. He smiled as he held the sword, he began to glow bright it's shape changed to that of a Katana, a slick red blade, a sheath at the Skeleton's side also changed shape. As this happened Alex watched in Amazment never had he saw a sword change shape before him, or even speak.
The sword was reading Alex's fighting style from his mind when he replied to all of his questions "I'm a magical sword, And No i was never a human, And I'm nearly indestructible who can help you grow even stronger then you already are, and No i can't fly! And no you won't gain wings! for the last one... I was hoping you could tell me... And as far as I know, only those who have touched my hilt can hear me, So no, as far as I can tell no one living in this Decade can hear me speak but you." Saimax replied as the glowing stopped "now shall we get out of here and rejoin your 'Master' Who will most likely scold you for coming down here?" Saimax said proudly. As Alex slowly began to remove the sheeth from the skeleton and put it on himself, the skeleton seemed to come to life. "Hey! Watch out you idiot! behind you! Skeleton coming at you!" Saimax yelled.
Alex reacted quickly to Saimax's words moving away from the skeleton, then swinging Saimax at the skeleton but only slightly out of range. "HEY NUMB-SKULL! YOU MISSED!" Saimax yelled, But Alex just smirked as the skeletons skull seemed to fall in half. Saimax quietly analyzed the skeletons cut in half skull as it deanimated and fell to the ground. "Now it's my turn to ask, How the hell did you do that? Even the greatest swordsmen I knew couldn't do THAT." Saimax excalimed.
"Well..." Alex said sitting down, "That's what my Master Calls Heaven's Blade, we basically cut through the air... wait.. no that's not right... We basically cut though reality, it's a technique that can cut though anything, or so far anything, the theory of the technique is so great, that eventually someone could possibly cut a mountain in half by mastering it, though I am far from doing so, and so is Master Yin, he can go about... A block or two, while I can only go 1 to 2 feet in front of me, not a very great distance if you ask me, but it shocks most who think that they have me beat." Alex says laughing at the end, he smiles at Saimax then says "Well now that I think of it... I can use that to get out now... that you're here with me, We'll be the best team out there." Alex says giving the swords a thumbs up.
The sword remains silent possibly smiling to itself about what Alex said "Alright, Heaven's Blade Alexander Demonchaser, Together we'll be the strongest warriors ever!" Saimax declared with excitment. Alex just smiled at Saimax and shook his head yes. A thought just crossed Alex's head as he shook his head yes.
"How do you hear me? and can you ever see me?" Alex asked questioningly, The sword doesn't have ears, or eyes it seems, but it saw the skeleton that was going to attack him. as Alex quietly studied the sword it remained silent, almost pondering the question itself, "Also... Are you a boy.... or a girl...?" Alex asked as he finally noticed a strange red cat eye looking gem in the hilt. "Is this how you see?" he asked as he sighed and leaned back.
"I don't know how I can hear you, but I can, maybe through the vibrations of your voice, but who knows, I can also see you from every point of my blade, including the hilt, and... I think i'm a boy.. I may be gender-less... I sound like a man... I'm not sure" the sword said thinking to itself as well. "oh well... We should get out of here now..."
As they came to the main room with three paths, the other two paths had caved in it appeared, and a set of stone stairs that wasn't there before had also appeared, they went up in a spiral like motion, as Alex began to climb them with Saimax at his side, he eventually reached the top, where there was a light, he quietly went though it and saw that he was at the cave entrance, he then began to walk back to the temple where Master Yin waited for his return, there Alex, explained the whole situation to Yin, and his daughter Mei-Ling, he let both of them grab onto Saimax's handle allowing Saimax to also speak to them, The three listened carefully and quietly to Saimax's tales of his past.
-The soul-stream-
"So you're telling me that this thing is called the soul-stream?" Alex asked his white spiked hair flowing in the wind, he was 19 now, 3 years ago Yin had passed away, Mei had been living with him and they were both looking for the Soul-stream. "Without a doubt" Saimax replied the red blade was at his waist it was glowing a faint red. "So all i'm suppose to do is jump in? and then I become one with the soul-stream and i'm suppose to be reincarnated?" Alex asked Saimax who stopped glowing. "No, I'll be covering you completely so you are uneffected by the soul-stream, we'll pass right through it and end up in the other dimension entirely, we'll also keep all of our abilities and powers there as well, so nothing will really change." Saimax said as Alex nodded getting ready to jump. "I feel bad for leaving Mei on this side..." Alex said quietly he bit his tongue, he didn't want to leave her here but where he was going it might be to dangerous for her. "I know you don't but its better this way, this way she'll be safe." Saimax said, all Alex could do was nod, and jump. as they began going through the soul-stream bits and pieces of strange memories and souls hit them, a red liquid also began to cover Alex as he finished covering him he went platform. "what thehell was that..." Alex asked as Saimax retracted into a sword again. "Look for yourself." Saimax replied as a large breasted woman stood in front of them, she had blond pigtails, while wearing a black dress.
"Greetings I am Nao." She said a bright smile across her face. Alex quickly sat up reaching for Saimax but a strange energy prevented him from grabbing Sai. "...I am Alexander Demonchaser... I am one who has entered the soul-stream to go to the other side, though it seems you have blocked my way from entering through the gate." Alex said rubbing his forehead, it was frustrating how he was stopped it did nothing but slow their progress. "Oh I won't keep you long then, I just hope you will help the people of Erinn and save the world, like it is foretold." Nao replied with a smile but Saimax quickly replied. "YOU SAY THAT TO GOD DAMN EVERYONE DON'T YOU! NOT ONLY THAT BUT THIS DAMN PLATFORM HURT! DEAR GOD!" Nao seemed taken back from the swords bad attitude, and returned her gaze at Alex, "Well may you have wonderful adventures in Erinn brave traveler." she said as she lifted her hands and a hole in the platform underneath them opened, Alex and Sai both fell towards a land below them, they saw green fields and large trees. "This is... Incredible!" Alex yelled out amazed by the landscape he was seeing. "YOU SAY THAT NOW BUT HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO LIVE FROM THIS FALL! I'M TO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE!" Saimax screamed out, but Alex rolled his eyes. "You're a goddamn sword! The worst that can happen to you is you'll get stuck in the ground." Alex replied as Saimax became a set of Metallic wings as he did so, Alex then soared through the sky, flying far above the towns below him, he could see two, one a large town with a stone gate around it, he then heard a roar as a giant red dragon seemed to fly into him, knocking him towards the ground, stopping himself half way, he looked up to see the dragon turning around and heading back. "A dragon!?" Alex exclaimed as a red blade seemed to come out of his hand. "Lets do this Sai!" Alex said as he flew straight towards the beast, its mouth opening as a large burst of fire was about to rain down on Alex. As it was about to him, a arrow flew though the sky and hit the dragons neck causing it to turn away and fly away. a man with a red ponytail, and strange markings on his face seemed to be looking up at Alex. Feeling weak Alex bit his tongue and flew off East towards the sea, and flying across it without any rest, he found the port of Qilla, landing there he began to wander to the forests of Karu, and continues to travel through them, leaving only to fight powerful opponents becoming ever stronger.

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Demonchaser   Alexander Demonchaser I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 21, 2013 10:52 am

A M abi story :3 Awesome <3
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