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 Combined Story Game Appendix

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PostSubject: Combined Story Game Appendix   Combined Story Game Appendix I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 11, 2014 11:31 pm

Here is to be an appendix for the combined story game. You can post here to explain events, terms, etc. if you feel that explaining them in the story might be distracting from your post. I'll kick it off with two explanations for the appendix.

   Totems and the Totem Transfer Ritual: Totems are objects of any form that has been dedicated to be used to communicate with one's ancestors. Ancestors can also aid the current Heir of the totem by providing energy to their body. Depending on how long the Totem has been passed down, how much energy they gave and how long it has been since the ancestors have given aid determines how much energy the ancestors can contribute. It should be noted that this is just energy, not sustenance or increased physical strength. This tradition started late in the First Age, but fell out of favor in the  middle of the Second Age. It was traditional that the current Heir (the holder of the Totem), once they believed death was near, pass the Totem to whom they deemed wisest in their family. The current Heir would then transfer the Totem to whom he/she deemed worthy through the Transfer Ritual. The transfer ritual consists of splitting the skin on the tip of one's index finger and drawing the diagram of the six elements (Fire<-->Water, Earth<-->Air, Light<-->Dark) on their right palm with their own blood. The participants then speak the words of the ritual, which typical hold a form similar to this:
  Current heir:"I, [NAME], relinquish this Totem. May it be the key to many generations of wisdom, to be consulted when the mind does not suffice. May it give strength, when wisdom alone cannot prevail. May it pass on the history of those that came before, as it enlightens the future. May my Heir be found worthy of this gift when comes the Trial."

  Receiver:"I, [NAME], gratefully and honorably receive this Totem. May my ancestors forever live through it. May their wisdom guide me when the mists of life obscure my path. May their strength bolster my own when it wavers in the wake of great trial. May their stories always bring the ring of goblets in jubilant halls. May I be found worthy of this gift when comes the Trial."

  The Receiver of the Totem is now the Holder of the Totem, but must complete the Trial of Birthright, a test determined by ancestors to deem if the Holder is worthy of becoming the current Heir.

In the absence of a living Heir and/or Holder, anyone descending from any ancestor connected to the Totem may take the Trial of Birthright. The Trial is initiated by transferring some of one's energy into the Totem for the ancestors to judge if one's energy shows traces of their ancestors.

  The Twins of the Eclipse and the Guardian Orb: The begining of the First Age was marked by the rise of what is now referred to as the Fallen Empire, who's true name was lost long ago. The empire was known for worshiping the eclipse (which comes every 23 years in this world), and would knight its elite warriors under each one. Soon after being formed, the empire, through a ritual long lost, created the Guardian Orb, a stone that held the power to limit the powers of the gods by trapping them within gems formed of their own essence and could release them from their prison as well. They swiftly held a ritual to seal the twelve gods, and used their power for their own purposes. The empire stood for three thousand years, to the beginning of the Second Age. It fell after the death of the Obsidian King, who was held as the nations second greatest leader. In an unusual motion, he held two Totems, called the Twins of the Eclipse. They are two identical, pure black swords, and one was passed to each of his identical twin sons. One son (the ancestor of Drak'sin) readily and greedily took the throne. The other son (the ancestor of Sebastian) petitioned his brother to release the gods of their prison (the Soul Gems). The now-king denied his brother, which finalized a drift apart that had started when they where boys. This led to a civil war within the empire that ended with most of the civilians dead or refugees in other nations and the brothers killing each other in a duel. The swords where passed down to their decendants, and the brother who wished to release the gods passed down his belief to his decendants. However, knowledge of the location of the Santuary, where the Guardian Orb had been hid, was lost. For countless centuries, the family decedent from the brother searched for it's location. Eventually, Sebastian's father found the location of the Sanctuary, but Drak'sin, who he thought to be his ally, killed him, seeking to gather the Soul Gems and use their power to revive the Fallen Empire.

Combined Story Game Appendix <a href=Combined Story Game Appendix Nik11" />
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Combined Story Game Appendix
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