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 Role-playing Character set up/Background

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Role-playing Character set up/Background Empty
PostSubject: Role-playing Character set up/Background   Role-playing Character set up/Background I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 11:11 pm

--This topic is for you to post about your character's Lore. Lore is basically your character's storyline, such as what he is doing now, how did he get here, where does he plan to be, and details along the way. Your format may be like so:
Name of character:
Associates, or friends:
Childhood (usually the biggest of your 3 paragraphs):
Present (2nd biggest more than likely):
What seems to be like his/her future:
Ways to kill:
Love life (or whomever your master is.)
Anything else you want to add for your Character:

---You are allowed to compliment other people's Lores, and give CONSTRUCTIVE critiscm. If I think it is too negative, post will be deleted or closed.
--You may post as much as you'd like about each of your character's.
-You also can create a character who doesn't follow the lore of Mabi but possibly of another place.
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Role-playing Character set up/Background
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