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 Nucanto's Biography (music interactable)

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Nucanto's Biography (music interactable) Empty
PostSubject: Nucanto's Biography (music interactable)   Nucanto's Biography (music interactable) I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 8:55 pm

Elven Name: Nucanto
Age: 64 (21 in human years)
Occupation: Elven Explorer and trainee of the arts
Destiny: Ranger
Family: Only one known being has been known to have taken part in Nucanto's birth, but not in the traditional way.
Close friends: All have abandoned Nucanto, or died at his side; friends until death did them part. All of them. All but one.

Current Biography: Nucanto was not born in a hut, not born to parents of his blood, not born to a family of whom he could call his own. But yet he was brought upon the world nevertheless. For the better? He still asks that of himself. Nucanto's time before birth was not spent in the womb, but in the realm of which dreams are made, and where the chosen rebirth. Just an intangible essence, not a creature of form but of energy... and compassion. Nucanto was subject to take part in many dreams, to bring joy to children in Uladh, Connous, Physis, and anywhere that held life. But instead... Nucanto fell subject to the plot of a human mage and warrior. While studying magic in the city of Tara, this man began tampering with the workings of magic and alchemy, and began working with the two in... err-mm... not usually considered legal ways. After years of perfecting his work, he set out into the desolate desert landscape of Connous and performed his spells for the first time, in perfection. He had tapped into the realm of dreams and pulled forth into the world of being... Nucanto.
From that point forward the man took care of Nucanto well enough and taught him the workings of the world. At the age of 11 (human years) his father let him choose his own path (partially) but kept him close by his side. Nucanto picked up on the arts, but by his father's will, trained in the field of fighting and weaponry. Given full choice on how he was to go about this, Nucanto decided upon perfecting his talents of archery and athletics. Most of his time as a child was spent with his father practicing the physical arts, but Nucanto longed to work outside of the life his father had planned out for him. He wanted to nurture and care for the animals of the lands, arrange and compose his own music, write tales of adventurous heroes, and create works of art for all to admire and enjoy. But things would not be so.
After several years of this, Nucanto had reached 18 years of age... and his breaking point. His father would not let him strive towards his path that he yearned to set out along. Things had become tense between them and while Nucanto was willing to continue his physical training if he took up the arts. But his father would not yield. Things became so bad one night that his father let his emotions slip. "You Are A Man, Son!!" He let loose, "Men Work Hard And Become Powerful!! They Make A Living To Support Their Families!! The Activities You Want To Take Up Are Just Hobbies Of Weak Little Women Who Stay At Home In Their Rightful Place!!! They Won't Get You Anywhere!! You Need to Dominate A Woman And Make A Family!!! Because Only You: A Man, Can Take Care Of A Family!!!" Don't Fall For The Things That Women Do Son!!!!"
And with that he stormed out of the house and left Nucanto alone by himself. The words spoken from his father's mouth upset him, not angered him, anger could not ever seem to possess him as it did others. Just... upset. As not being born as a living being originally, Nucanto had no opinions before his physical birth. And through all those dreams and rebirths he took part in, he saw to the center of each person, and observed only the truth; he observed the warmth and equality between each person. These were the only things he knew as an intangible being, and learned to develop his own opinions as a living being. But this he knew; he knew that all, all were created equal. So at his father's false words, he swore, he would make all of Erinn see the truth, and pry open any unbelieving ones eyes, to see the truth, and realize that they were all the same.
Nucanto's father had different plans for him. He had given up trying to make Nucanto his perfect creation. He would let him follow his dreams down whatever path they took him. He would let him do that. He would. If he could stay alive. Hands shaking, back shivering, he stumbled into his old shack, and it began to rain. He lit a torch and plunked himself down at an old wooden table, took a quill in hand, and began to write.

"Request for Zhardin slave traders: No.1
Acquaintances in Zhardin, I have yet to make a request for you. A failed specimen of my experimentations has turned out not as bright as the usual, and as I write this, fear for his mental abilities. I believe you may have some use for him in the mountains of Zhardin where he may work for as long as needed. His mental abilities are so lacking that I believe the only trait he can acquire would be brute strength. Please give him all the toughest jobs there are, as he may only be able to find happiness now through labor and hard work to make him strong.
With the greatest of regards.

(Listen from 1:18-2:21 until read to (*)--- And then until the finish at (^)
Shaking, Lukell stood up, hands clenching the table so hard the wood crunched in his hands. Snatched up the paper, stormed out of the shack into the cold rainy night, and slammed the door so that the whole shack shivered. He stuffed the paper into his cloak and set out in the rain, to Castanea's. His feet crunched along the wet desert sand as the water slithered across the ground, heading downhill, as well as the last of his sanity. He entered the noble elf's home and ordered her to fetch her owl to deliver the paper to Zhardin. Castanea took the paper from his hands saying "Alright, I'll inspect this document in the back."
Castanea was suspicious of the letter's contents and wanted to have a look at it herself. " You will do no such thing", ordered Lukell.
"I don't need to tell you".
"Then in that case..." Castenea whipped open the paper, " I'll just have a look myself!"
All Castenea needed to see was those two awful words: Slave, Traders. "No... no... no you... you couldn't have. Why?!! Why would you even thin-"I'll tell you why, foolish girl." Lukell cut off," It is because he is a failure of a creature, much less a son of mine. I will have no longer to deal with the insolent young fool."
"You're right, you won't."
"You heard me. You won't. I won't let you!!"
"RRAAAHHHH!!" Castanea swung a knife at him.
"Humph!" Lukell snorted as he caught her arm in mid swing,"You cannot match my strength, speed, or anything about me woman."
"And?"Questioned Castanea.
Lukell had no emotion,"And it is futile to believe that you may be able to defeat me and save the boy."
"In that case, I'll either prove you wrong or die trying, in the end it doesn't matter to me. I'll have done all I could to save Nucanto."Castanea answered.
"Then it is settled, you will die."Countered Lukell.
"You're very sure of yourself, huh? Now you'll see why I am the leader of this town!"Castenea roared at him.*

5 minutes later.

^Castanea lay, crumpled and broken on the ground. Limp, like a torn rag doll. Blood streaking down across her forehead and dribbling down out onto to the already blood spattered floor. "Foolish, foolish, woman. As I said before, You had no chance whatsoever to beat me. As a woman, you just aren't strong enough." Lukell spat down at the body of Castanea.^
"But enough games, I have to get this paper delivered and be on my way before the guards find out about this." Lukell said to himself,"Now, where is her owl?"
The owl sat in his cage in Castanea's bedroom, but would not deliver anything on Lukell's demand, Castanea was the only one he would answer to. But Lukell did not care what he had to do to get the letter delivered. He tortured the owl, stabbed it, but to no avail, the owl would not so much as move for him. Lukell eventually managed to hypnotize and enchant the owl to deliver the letter. And then, he was off.
The guards had heard the commotion and had begun to tread upwards from the square to Castanea's house. "Halt!" one of the guards cried as he began to make out the outline of a man."What just happened here?"
"Nothing," the silhouette said, and then disappeared.

The next morning 2 of the night watch guards were found dead on the square, with 2 slits in each of their foreheads. Castanea was found laying, near death in her house, dazed, confused, and bloody. The rest of the guards called upon a head count, to see who else had fallen victim to the murderer. All of the other citizens of filia were found alive and unscathed. All but one small family, with only 2 members. "Lukell and his son, where are they?!" questioned one of the guards rather anxiously.
"We checked their house, but no one was there sir." answered another guard.
"No. No this can't be happening, why would someone come here, kill two people and kidnap two others, who they have no way of knowing?!" Shouted the first guard; the anxiety rising.
"All we can do now is wait." Spoke Hagel," With Castanea's awakening, we should be able to learn more. Now, we need to make sure no one else is hurt. Continue with your investigation please."
The guards did, and gave up on Lukell and Nucanto. All the while, the mumble and gossip about the attack could be heard all throughout Filia.

"Wha... wha... wha' i' t'is?"
Nucanto stirred, "Dad? Hey dad are you up yet?" Nucanto said without opening his eyes," Listen, I'm sorry about last nig-- Eeegghhh! Oh man, what is- Hack-hack!" Nucanto choked on some loose hay.
"Wait. Where am I?" Nucanto's eyes fluttered open and were immediately poked by more hay and straw." Oooww!!" He shrieked," What's going on?" Nucanto flung himself sitting up and choked again, but now on dust.
He now felt the steady ba-bump, ba-bump, beneath him. He looked around but couldn't see anything, it was as if a shadow had covered him and wherever he was. But then, the shadow began to make way for shafts of light, coming through what seemed to be, dusty and dirt covered wooden planks. "What is going o-QUIET!!"Interrupted a very hostile voice."You aren't aloud to talk out loud unless given permission!"
"Who is tha-",Nucanto started,"WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU!!???"Screamed the voice."Once more and I will pull this cart over and give you your first punishment as a slave!"
"I'm in a cart then." thought Nucanto,"But what am I doing here, and since when did I become a slave? I've got to find a way out, but how? Wait, I've got it!" "GAUHYDFGSAFJYASGFJHSFGAYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Screamed Nucanto.
"You're Dead, Kid!!!"
The cart stopped abruptly and the driver stepped out from the front. Nucanto could tell this because of the enormous change in weight from the front of the cart. "It worked!"He thought. Crack!!! The wall in front of him was torn right off it's hinges and an enormous giant stood before Nucanto. "RAAAHHHH!!!" Nucanto leaped at him, cracked a kick across his chin and bolted for the open area next to him. And then, and then it was like the ground rose up right beneath him, like the earth moved 5 feet. But no, that wasn't it, he had been thrusted down into the ground with such force that he could not even see it happen, or feel it. "Ugghh"
Nucanto started to get up, but was immediately grabbed by the throat and raised above the giants head. "You're lucky, I'm not aloud to kill you." sneered the giant.
"Huck, Huck--ahhh!!" gasped Nucanto.
Nucanto was starting to lose breath, starting to pass out, into a world that he might never come back from. He drew limp, and then, he felt a sort of... floating sensation. But then pain, and he realized it had been falling. And then ringing, and whiteness. But the ringing started fading, and the whiteness made way for light, and for the light of the world around him. He realized he was being carried, slung over someone's shoulder. He could sense and see all of these things, but couldn't do, or say, anything.... and then again, he began to lose sight of the world until... darkness.


WHAP!! "Aaauuuggghhhh!!" Nucanto screamed as his eyelids burst open.
"Get up grunt!!" Shouted a deep scratchy voice.
Nucanto had no idea where he was now, or who was speaking to him. He thought to ask the voice who it belonged to... but then decided otherwise. " I said GET UP!!" the voice boomed the voice again.
Nucanto obeyed. His vision was coming back to him now, and he could make out the tall figure of, yep, another giant. "Get your ass in gear whelp!!"
Nucanto wasn't quite sure what that meant. But even if he did, he wouldn't have been able to do so, for at that moment, more than vision returned. First, touch. The touch of the frozen air, the frozen air that burned, sticking to bare skin. Then, audibility. The sound of a droning chant hanging in the fog. The sound that could be heard wherever hard labor was performed. And smell. An odor seemed to permeate the entire vicinity. But it was not one. It was many. Blood, sweat, and tears were being put into the work that the chanters were carrying out, as well as the atmosphere. The place stank of death, rotten carcasses, slaughter. The stench of laborers ready to collapse, to fall down and lick their wounds, unable to work no more. And the strongest odor, that of regret, sadness, and mourning. The smell of those who's lovers had been lost to the cruel whip of eternal darkness, who's closest friends were stabbed in the back, and who's resting in peace, could have been prevented.

To Be Continued...

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Nucanto's Biography (music interactable) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nucanto's Biography (music interactable)   Nucanto's Biography (music interactable) I_icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 9:35 pm

Great bio! I love the gender themes. I really like Nucanto! :3
So nice to hear from you again even if you can't get back in-game! <3
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Nucanto's Biography (music interactable)
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